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Syreme Kennels belongs to Steve Emery (with a little help from wife Joanne) ,  we live in rural South Australia  north of Gawler and breed and show miniature smooth coat dachshunds. We are a very small and selective kennel and breed very selectively. We have many Australian Champions and some of the best Australian and UK bloodlines run behind our dogs, but can also happily say we also have some of the best temperaments as well.  Our dogs live in specially designed kennels during the day but are to be found on the couch being spoilt at night time.  Our dogs can be found being shown in several states across Australia.

Syreme aim to breed healthy, happy dogs that conform as closely as possible to the ANKC breed standard, but we will never sacrifice temperament or health for perfection in physical appearance. We believe that if you have a healthy, well-adjusted dog, the rest can be built from there. We take great care over our breeding lines and the choices we make. “For the good of the breed” is supposed to be the ethical breeder’s mantra, and it saddens us that so many breeders do not take this into account when they breed their dogs.

Miniature dachshunds are on the whole very healthy little dogs but there are a couple of inherent problems that can be removed with careful breeding and selection. All our miniature dachshunds have been tested clear from PRA (Cord 1 mutation) by independent laboratory tests with swabs taken by our vet. PRA is a serious disease that can result in blindness, and we’ve found from experience that not all miniature dachshund breeders take this seriously – but we do.


We don’t get to as many shows as we’d like to because of our hectic work schedule! But when we do, we love the country shows as they provide a good excuse for a weekend away with good friends. Win or lose, we always take the best dogs home, and we wish that other breeders could see past their ‘win at all costs’ attitude. If a dog that we’ve bred beats us  in the show ring, that’s fantastic, because it means that we’ve achieved the magical thing that breeders are supposed to strive for, which is improve the breed.


We also act as a rescue centre for Dachshunds and Italian Greyhounds and we have rehomed and rescued numerous dogs in the past.  If you are interested in an older dog please get in touch as we might just have the perfect companion here for you.  We would much rather see dogs in loving, caring homes than sitting in a kennel environment. We are completely opposed to puppy farms and back yard breeders, and so many of the rescue dogs that we end up helping are a result of these.


We don’t breed often but we do breed selectively. Our puppies are born in our home and spend the first eight weeks in the home environment or even coming to work with us so they are getting constant attention. We provide them with a mixed and varied socialisation process where they meet cats, dogs, birds, plenty of people and get them used to many different noises, smells and situations. We love to stay in touch with people that have a Syreme puppy and it’s great to get regular updates from them. We offer personal contact for the life of the puppy and am quite happy to offer advice or help at any stage.  We don’t have any plans to breed in 2012 at this stage, but there will probably be a litter or two in 2013.


Sadly, dachshunds can suffer from IVDD, a disease that affects their backs. It has been something that breeders haven’t fully understood in the past, however it is now possible to test dogs for the potential for IVDD which will then allow breeders to choose dogs with a lesser score to breed from. This is something we are still learning about. Steve is able to manufacture dog wheelchairs, made individually from lightweight aluminium to suit your dog and its personal problems. Please contact us if you need more information.


This is a friendly, informal group for dachshund and Italian Greyhound owners who live in South Australia and would like to join us for monthly meetings at local dog parks for fun days. The dogs can run together off leash in a safe environment and make friends with each other while the owners just get to chat. It’s a great group and we always like to see new people. Please check our Facebook page for the dates and locations if you’d like to come along.

5 comments on “About Us

  1. Thanks for the blog follow to knittedbydachshunds! we’re in the UK but we have made sweaters for teeny-tiny sausages in Sydney, Australia – so we’re truly international and look forward to hearing your updates 🙂

  2. Hi,

    I was wondering if you have any puppies for sale. If not when will you be breeding again?


    • Hi All my pups when I have any available will be $1500. This includes DNA testing of both parents for genetic problems. All the pups are pedigree and you can come and visit the parents.

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